Sawasdee (English)

Sawasdee (English)

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„Sawasdee“ is the traditional greeting in Thailand. Ever since the conclusion of the first friendship, trade and shipping agreement between Thailand and Germany in the year 1862, involving the attachment of a total of 216 seals to the 12 copies of the treaty, there has been a lively economic, scientific and cultural exchange between the two nations. A further milestone in these relations was the founding of the Deutsch-Thailändische Gesellschaft 100 years later.
Andreas Stoffers has compiled an anthology of articles uniting the past and present of Germany and Thailand. He examines the history of diplomatic relations and the influence which the cultural exchange has exerted on many areas of development in the two countries. The focus of this book, however, remains the testimony of those people who formed and form a living bridge between two continents and two very different cultures.

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